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Dyslexia Organisations

Dyslexia A2Z

Information on Specific Learning Difficulties and associated auditory and visual problems.

Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre

The centre offers teaching and assessment to dyslexics and various levels of training to teachers and educationalists on how to assess and / or support dyslexics of all ages.


About Learning Disabilities

Offers current information and advice on a variety of learning disabilities. It covers areas such as disability rights, education and employment.

Bristol Dysleixa Centre

The Bristol Dyslexia Centre has designed the ‘Nessy’ software and you can try some of the games free. There are also dyslexia self assessment checklists for all ages.


Watch the latest talks – by professionals – relating to dyslexia. The site hosts a forum and posts the latest articles and information about future talks.

The Dyslexia Research Trust

The Dyslexia Research Trust has “everything you need to know about dyslexia”, including research on visual problems and the effects of fatty acids.


Abilitynet provides advice and free fact sheets on using ICT to help with reading and writing

Activise software

An affordable learning and revision resource that can be personalised to any age and subject. 21 games assist learning and revision by repetition.epetitive

Ghotit software

Ghotit corrects the spelling of people with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia. Prices are quoted for life and per month in US dollars. The cost is approximately £82 for the lifetime option.

Iansyst Ltd

The site of Iansyst Ltd. They compare and sell ICT solutions suitable for dyslexics. They also provide training.

Microlink pc

They specialise in the supply of computer hardware, software and other specialised equipment to support students with disabilities.

My Study Bar

A tool bar with 15 free apps to support reading writing and planning. Ideal for dyslexics who wish to try assisstive technology.

Touch Typing courses

These 4 day courses are run in the school holidays in the West London / Surrey area

FAB Research

Food and Behaviour Research provides up to date news and events relating to the impact of our diet on our lives.

Free Legal Advice

Free and independent legal advice on Special Education in England and Wales.


Government DIRECT Site

This site provides legal information including the Disability Discrimination Act.

Guide to Hearing by audiologist, Joan McKechnie

A hearing check should be one of the first points of call when literacy problems are noticed. Conductive hearing loss through glue ear can often be responsible for children not hearing the sounds in words efficiently. Select ‘How to Choose’ from the menu.

Hypnotherapy Directory

Find a list of registered hypnotherapists, the areas they cover and recent newSEN

Special Educational Needs (SEN)


Dyspraxia Foundation

A source of information on dyspraxia.

National Handwriting Association

The National Handwriting Association has information and suggested resources to improve handwriting.


Dynamo Maths for Dyscalculia

Dynamo Maths for dyscalculia is a complete on-line structured programme of support developed for children who are dyscalculic or who present themselves with co-occurring difficulties. To request a free school trial click on: http://www.dynamomathsonline.


For information on disability in the workplace.

An independent advice centre for parents. It aims to produce fairness and opportunity in education by empowering parents and carers and promoting good practice.


Barrington Stoke

Publishers who provide “accessible, enjoyable and unpatronising short books for children who are dyslexic, struggling to read, or simply reluctant to sit down with a book.”


Calibre provides audio books for all ages with a free postal service. There is no charge and no fines for late returns!

Crossbow Education

Reading rulers, games and multi-sensory activities are available on this site.

Exam Revision advice from Justin Craig

Tips on how to revise for exams

LDA – Learning Development Aids

LDA specialises in educational resources to support teachers pupils and parents, especially if they have special educational needs. We have resources which cover the following conditions: Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, Autism, ADHD, Handwriting and Fin

Let Me Learn

Educational resources to help children with dyslexia and maths problems including maths board games, visual stress supplies; coloured overlays and reading rulers and specialist phonic books for struggling readers.

Listening Books

An audiobook service which comes in various formats -–MP3, CDs, cassettes and audio books via the internet. It provides educational material from Key Stage 2 to A level.

SEN Books

Books and software for Special Educational Needs.

Dyslexia Organisations
Special Educational Needs
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